Fed up….

Yes I am fed up , I am fed up of giving explanation about my decision of parting ways with Mirza (bestie) , why I have to explain the same thing every time to everyone as if its a spicy story to be broadcasted nationwide. My sister called me on phone and she told me to rethink about my decision , my other friends are saying that you are wrong , you shouldn’t have done that , 8 years of friendship can not be broken in 8 mins you need a strong reason to do this . Rethink , give it a thought again  , go for right thing, these are the advises I am getting from different people , no one is saying that I have done right thing or taken the correct decision because they are only aware of a fact that I broke up with my best friend because he lied to me . Thats it . I have never thought that this friendship will turn my world upside down . Aisa kyu hota hai yaar jab umeed hoti hai ki haa ye insaan mujhe samjhega aur badle may vahi insaan apko galat thehraane lagta hai mujhe jin logo se umeed wahi log ye keh rahe hai ki maine galat kiya , Koi reason itna bada nai ho sakta , kaise samjhaun unhe ki jab chot lagti hai to kuch samajh nai ata sirf dard hota hai aur dard dene wale insaan ka khayal hota hai  . aur jo insan us dard ki vajah ho use maaf na karne ka faisla galat kaise ho sakta hai ???


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