Wish My Baby …

First of all wishing my all Indians friends happy and prosperous Dhanteras Festival and a great day. I am very happy today not because of the festival day but because of the date 5 November !!!!yes this date is very special for me coz today is the birthday of my baby , my baby means my nephew Abhitej. Pata hai guys meri life may mere parents ke bad agar koi sabse jada important hai to vo hai meri sister , she is my second mother and  I am her first child and 2 years back on the same date I heard this cherishable news that my sister gave birth to a baby boy aur jaise hi maine ye news suni to main aur kuch nai kar pai I instantly starting clapping , I was so happy the tears of happiness filled my eyes and also sad at the same time because I was not with her at that precious moment , But  after 5 days when I reached there and I took the baby in my arms my first words which I said to him was ” Now I am your Second mother and you will be my first child forever and I kissed his little forehead , that moment was magical and I realised the real feeling of becoming MAASI , Maa. We celeberated his 6 month birthday , 1st birthday and today we are celebrating his second birthday and will continue till 100 of his upcoming birthdays . So I want you all to meet my chubby bunny, my baby , my laughing gudda and my jahaan Mr Abhitej. Bless him guys. Love uuh all.


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