New ME…

Guys , u know what I always used to say to everyone “I will never change coz nature of a person can never change its god gifted , whether it is anger, sensitiveness , funny or loving nature . 1 mahine se main ek depressed life jee rahi thi because of the fight I had with my best friend mujhe nai pata ki is ek mahine may mere andar kya change hua but one day I got a comment from one of my friend who was saying that Seema tu kitna badal gai hai , har waqt gusse may kyu rehti hai hua kya hai tu pehle jaisi rahi hi nai aisa lagta hai koi aur hi hai tu aisi kyu ho gai hai . Us “KYU” ka javab nai tha mere pas but dheere dheere meri family may bhi mujhe kaha gaya ki mera nature change ho gaya hai . My sister called me on phone and asked me the reason about it and I told her “di, I had a fight with my best friend thats why I am little stressed but I will be good soon . But still I was thinking that why I have changed myself when I believe that nature of a person can not be changed .Yesterday when I wrote my blog I was feeling light I thought I will get over it , at night I got a cut on my thumb while I was cutting a cardboard for my craft work and unfortunately at the same time my father called me to sign a paper and because of that cut I ended up doing a wrong signature of mine . My father said ” what happened you have changed your signature or what ? And I told him that because my thumb is hurting while writing my signature is changed aur ye bolte hi mujhe mere us kyu ka Javab Mila jo Tha ki mera nature change kaise ho sakta hai, then I realized ki yes nature change hota Hai bus chot lagne ki deri hai, hath pe lage to signature change ho Jata hai aur dil pe lage to nature change ho Jata hai… True na.


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