Happy dussehra…..

Hey guys , wishing you a happy dussehra and advanced happy diwali..

Guys I had asked a question from you all but didn’t got any reply but that’s ok , I know it will take time to create that bonding and engagement but still love you friends and my future friends. Guys I am not writing much today i just wanted to tell you all that I prefer to write in hindi language  coz I think that these type of writings where stories, poems are included ,can be better expressed in hindi , after all hindi is our mother language, so hope you dont have any problem if I write in hindi language. Ohk lovely people will meet you soon and sorry I am not able to write much but for sure once the festival are over will meet you with lots of experiences, stories.

Vo kya hai na batana to bahut kuch hai but samajh nai aa rha ki shuru kha se karu to tab may soch lungi ki mujhe shuruat kha se karni hai . Aj phir se vahi question , siya ke naam ko pura karne vala insan kon hai , comment box may batao . Aur gate raho is blog ka tagline song , BATEN KUCH ANKAHI SI KUCH ANSUNI SI HONE LAGI , KABOO DIL PE RAHA NA HASTI HAMARI KHONE LAGI. Aur yar apni kahani apni feelings ko chupao mat balki zahir karo , share karo .Love u , see u soon..


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