An introduction to…Siya

Hey guys , how are you .

Guys before I start my journey on this esteemed writing platform I would like to introduce myself and my upcoming writings to you lovely people , so firstly talking about the website Kissewithsiya , many of you must be thinking the meaning of kisse and i am pretty sure that most of you must be knowing the meaning of this word but those who don’t , let me tell you , so basically kisse means tales, stories. So, as this is my personal blog I will be sharing my stories, about my life, thoughts, experiences, that I had faced in my life and I am sure you’re gonna love them. And the second side of this website is sharing, as u can read the name of my blog just break it a little and then read in another way like kisse? With siya.. Which means if you guys too are having some stories, experience, problems which you want to share with some one but don’t know whom and you are having that question ” kisse” just don’t think share it with siya, share it with me. Now the third thing is about myself, though I have written about myself in my description I want to tell you some thing which is not there, and that is my real name, friends my actual name is not siya, it’s Seema some says it Sima but my name is the combination of the name of two person first half is mine and Second half is of some one else, but who’s that some one else? This person is very important in my life and let me clear this person is not my boyfriend neither my lover then Who is that person, well I will tell you but first I want you guys to guess it. So let me know your answers in comment box. Good night….


9 thoughts on “An introduction to…Siya

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  1. Is that your lovely grandpa? Or maybe your mommy? Or sweet pappa?
    Well I guessed it to be your bf till I read the last line.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I have a friend and her name is Siya too, so I would call you Siya only rather than Seema.😘😘

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